To train and provide high quality Psychiatric Service Dogs in order to better the lives of those who suffer from various mental health conditions.

"Helping You Through The Dark."


In June 2011, I had an accident that resulted in an Acquired Brain Injury. As a result my life was disrupted and changed drastically. I began to experience extreme fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression, and many more symptoms, and this made it hard for me to even leave the house.


In 2019, I met Cara and Searchlight Services Dogs, and they changed my life for the better. With my service dog, I’m able to go out and do the things I love without the feelings of anxiety I used to have. Cara was amazing with helping me learn how to be with the dog, and creating and strengthening our bond.


Before, I had no reason to wake up in the morning. Now, every morning, I am greeted by my dog bringing me my medication and wagging his tail. It’s difficult for me to remember to take my multiple medications different times of the day, so having him hear my alarm go off and get my medication bag for me is a huge help.


Every day, I’m out with my service dog in public which I never used to do. He’s made it so much easier to be able to navigate in public without getting overwhelmed and shutting down.


I am so grateful to Cara and Searchlight Service Dogs for giving me a part of my life back. Thank you Cara!

I work with individuals who have an Acquired Brain Injury and I had the opportunity to witness the wonderful growth and development of one of my clients as the result of Searchlight Service Dogs incredible service.


Prior to working with Cara, this client experienced extreme social anxiety and therefore tended to self isolate. Once she began training with her Searchlight dog in public, with Cara's unwavering support and encouragement, she developed an amazing connection with her dog and as a result cultivated a sense of security and confidence that she didn't have before. She learned to be assertive, using a strong voice and confident body language, so her dog would trust and respond to her. It was obvious that as her connection with her dog grew, so did her comfort level with being out in the community and in social situations.


When a person struggles with social anxiety, having a service dog gives them something meaningful to focus on, creating a sense of comfort. People also tend to focus on the dog, rather than the individual which can create a great ice breaker and opportunity to practice socializing while feeling safe with their dog at their side.


Having a Searchlight Service Dog and the incredible confidence and commitment of Cara's training, made it all possible for my client. For individuals who struggle with a mental health condition and are seeking growth and independence, I highly recommend Searchlight Service Dogs for their outstanding commitment to helping their clients achieve their goals.


~ Amber West, Rehabilitation Therapist

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