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Searchlight Service Dogs

Searchlight Service Dogs is a Canadian registered not-for-profit charitable organization, operating in Ontario. Our main objective is to provide the highest quality service dogs to our clients. We came into existence in 2019 but the idea and concept of Searchlight Service Dogs has been in the works since 2017.

We understand the outstanding benefits a service dog can have in helping people regain portions of their lives which have been lost to PTSD and other mental health conditions. We have made it our goal to try to provide those suffering from mental health injuries/illnesses, the ability to function better in their day to day lives.

With the severe lack of properly trained psychiatric service dogs, we became more and more interested in getting involved in order to make a difference. As we do not receive any government funding, we rely on generous donations from individuals and corporations in order to keep operating and helping people.

Although there is no cost for our service dogs, we do collect an application fee for enrollment in our program and it is expected that funds be raised by potential clients in order to cover the costs involved in the raising and training process as well as other operational expenses.

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